This custom home in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle, Washington is shaped by a connection of the exterior yard and patio with the open interior spaces, including the living room, kitchen, and stair and hall. The spaces flow together, creating a daylit, open, warm feeling throughout the main living spaces. This is possible because the original siting of the house created overlapping volumes that shaped cozy but open interior and exterior spaces.

D3 Architects is a Seattle, Washington based architecture firm creating varied work consistently rooted in a few key ideas. We design for beauty and economy simultaneously, working creatively with our clients and trusted team of consultants and builders on new construction and remodels. If you have a residential or commercial project in mind, interested in remodeling or constructing a new home or business, contact us at

our approach

Our relationships are primary.
Everything we do is centered around strong relationships with the people around us.  Architecture is art meant to be useful to people.  We cultivate shared interests and values with our clients and collaborators because making a house is not a transaction, it is a process that requires trust.

We like to have fun and we take our work seriously.
Every job can be stressful.  Making buildings can be stressful because unforeseen issues inevitably arise, despite everyone’s best effort and intentions.  Architectural problem solving is a creative act, and creativity is at its best when it’s a fun process.  We are motivated by making the finished products intentional, useful, and beautiful.  We are also motivated by the process being fun.  (Check out our blog to see this in action). 

our design principles

We design for daylight, opening our buildings up to let in natural light from all directions.  From the south and west, we like the warmer light in more public, social parts of the home.  Northern light is great in bedrooms and bathrooms because it provides even, diffuse light.

Live the plan  
The floor plan is the main tool that an architect has to organize a building, and thus, organize the lives of the people in the building.  When we are designing the plan we imagine daily life at every scale, from how the siting and orientation impacts daylight and access to making space near the shower for towel hooks.  We create mock ups in the office, an important exercise that helps bring our drawings to life.  “Living the plan” becomes a chorus in every part of the design, ensuring that life in one of our projects is fully supported.

Clarity & Cohesion
Coming up with ideas is easy, editing is the hard part.  Our job as architects is to assemble our ideas into projects that make sense, look and feel whole, that can be built on time and on budget, and literally become the support structure for your life.  A successful project is not just one that looks good or one where everything functions properly. Success for us is when it is all brought together as one clear whole.

Economy and beauty work together 
Piles of money can make things look amazing (link to a beautiful, expensive project). But you don’t have to throw piles of money at the project. We find it meaningful to use materials and methods economically to make beautiful buildings.  We think the beauty is enhanced when we know it was made simply


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