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Stuart schloben      

Director of Human Resources

Stuart brings decades of HR experience to the D3 ecosystem, continually improving the team’s emotional intelligence and brand awareness. For Stuart, everything is synergized. Born and raised amidst the foggy rolling green hills of Wales, he sailed to Seattle as a young man for an anger management webinar. Although he realized he could have stayed home, because it was a webinar, he got a job at Sears and found that he enjoyed connecting deeply with customers about their household appliance needs. At Sears, he developed the Schloben Temperament Index, a predecessor to Myers-Briggs. This experience launched him on a rich career helping companies treat people kindly, the way he was treated back in the foggy hills of Wales. Although he has become a highly polished professional, he remains deeply rooted in the rustic and natural spirit of his old country. When he is not at the office, he likes to make his own shoes and work on composing his druid musical series The Maiden Sorceress Earth Journeys.